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Second Daughter

Illustrated Flowers

NOW BOOKING Fall 2023-Spring/Summer 2024


           Our approach to wedding cakes is somewhat untraditional, minimalistic and botanical focused. The vision of separating the tiers lends to openness ,movement and height variance. This style embraces flavor abundance, artistic flare and a diverse color palette. We are excited to bring this design forward in a way that is and

reminiscent of the 90's.

Flowers and sourcing

Our blooms are sourced from local floral shops such as Walter Pine Floral Studio, NE Boutique and The Flower Company.  We prioritize what is available during the season. Our favorites blooms to use are ranunculus, passion flower, veronica, marigolds, scabiosa, gomphrena, cosmos, fresh lavender, butterfly ranunculus and zinna. Our approach to florals is similar. We look for the unique oddly shaped flowers. Flowers who's stems may have curls or waves to them or have a funky overall shape Gravitating towards flowers that lend to texture, height variance, and natural vibrancy.



Our approach to vibrant wedding cakes is unique in the way of creating a color palette that is light, somewhat dreamy and fun. Adding color to wedding cakes can come in many forms. Such as the actual cake itself,  blooms and even down to the cake pedestal. When it comes to flavor pairings; we like to incorporate a mix of classic flavors with new approachable flavors, like lavender and chocolate. We also like to think the interior of the cake should be as beautiful as the exterior.

wedding cake

Sharyn Louise Photography


     Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


We're excited to hear from you.

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